Monday, January 28, 2013

Yellow backpack

PRICE:  P  650

HOLAAAA FRIIEENNNDSS!!! It's been awhile hasn't it? Been so busy last year that I totally neglected this blog for a while. But now that there's lesser load in school, I get to do this again so here is my first item for you guys!

This cool yellow backpack is in super mint condition all for only 650 pesos. 


The back.
The straps look pretty new and white actually and the fabric is really soft.

Strap it up on your waist when you're on the go.

 THE BOTTOM IS EXTREMELY SMOOTH. I don't know what fabric that is but it is pretty smoooothhh I love it!

Me. Not strapped.

Me. Strapped and ready for action!

I packed the bag with 5 towels that's why it looks like that and believe it or not I think I can still add more stuff in it. So in other words, the bag has a lot of space in it. 


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