Sunday, August 18, 2013

Black and white striped blazer. SOLD.

PRICE: 350

This H&M is almost practically new. May tag pa siya hahhaa. The fabric is pretty light and soft compared to your usual blazers/jackets so you can pretty much wear it any time of the day and year haha.



Me wearing the blazer just so you can see the fit. :P

Side view.



I really think this was a lucky find. I was about to cash out the items I got and got attracted to the striped sleeves of this jacket/blazer (i really don't know what to describe it hahaha) and I decided to share it with you guys for an affordable price! Yaaayy to awesome findsss~~ Just sharin' the love y'all...just sharin' the luuvvvvv.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black and White Dots Jacket. SOLD.

PRICE: P  580

HELLOOOO WERLDDD~~ Fellow lovers of clothes and bags uniiiiteee!
Haha, jk. Anyways, it's been a while since I've posted something because I've been busy with school. Final TERM, YO! So yeah, gotta focus on lyf and it's been so long since I haven't posted anything that you can see my hair has now reached my shoulders. Oh yeahh. But enough of that, I have a new cool thing to share to you guys!!! WOOOOO

This jacket is pretty awesomeeeee. Grabeh, if only I don't need money right now I would totally keep this in my closet hahaha but no. Imma give this awesome jacket to one lucky buyerrrrrr. This jacket feels like a work of art (and also perfect to wear when going to Yayoi Kusama's exhibit, yes? No? okay. nvm.) hahhaa.


There are so many ways to wear this jacket and I just realized that at home so I had fun taking pictures hahah. You can wear it unzipped (check out the giant LAPELS. love it.)

Back view guiseee :< Its sooo beautiful.

Zip it all the way and you can see the lapel changing and awesomely wrapping your neck to warm you up.

Hoodie style! I had fun with this one...


The hood is big!! I LOVE IT.

See what I mean? :D

 A closer look.

The jacket is kind of thick but thick enough to wear when going to cinemas. So you can pretty much use it during the rainy season in Manila~

Back view againnn.

 The brand is called Antic Clothing. I've never heard of 'em but the jacket is pretty dope. Kind of reminds me of CDG actually but that's just me. The jacket's condition is kind of brand new pa so that's cool oh and if you look closer sa tag you can see that pang 30 siya sa "limited edition" jacket. So grab this baby now and enjoy rainy/cold nights in style~!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gold Clip-on Sunglasses. SOLD.

PRICE: P 200

Gold clip-on sunglasses are so cool these days! Now that summer is coming up, gear up and look cool (and suit up!) with these. Classy and cool at the same time, oh yeahhhh.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Yellow backpack

PRICE:  P  650

HOLAAAA FRIIEENNNDSS!!! It's been awhile hasn't it? Been so busy last year that I totally neglected this blog for a while. But now that there's lesser load in school, I get to do this again so here is my first item for you guys!

This cool yellow backpack is in super mint condition all for only 650 pesos. 


The back.
The straps look pretty new and white actually and the fabric is really soft.

Strap it up on your waist when you're on the go.

 THE BOTTOM IS EXTREMELY SMOOTH. I don't know what fabric that is but it is pretty smoooothhh I love it!

Me. Not strapped.

Me. Strapped and ready for action!

I packed the bag with 5 towels that's why it looks like that and believe it or not I think I can still add more stuff in it. So in other words, the bag has a lot of space in it. 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Sweater

PRICE:  P 300

Hola chikas! I have here a cool looking sweater that reminds me of old school skateboarding days.

I also think that this sweater could go well with the Skateboarder X Vans collab!

OR MAYBE IT'S JUST ME. :))) Nonetheless! I this goes well with some cool boots or yer doc martens. So go and holler at me asap!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vote for Pedro SOLD

PRICE: P  250

Hola chicaasss! Hehehe, it's been awhile since I've posted but I've got this shirt for you guys. Remember the movie Napoleon Dynamite? Well...check out what I'm wearing :> VOTE FOR PEDRO GUYS and if you want dibs. Just holler at me :D

OH, BTW...

I just thought that was necessary :)))

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Round Leather Bag with Scarf. SOLD.

PRICE:   P   500

Cute little leather bag for your trips to the grocery or where ever you wanna go really :)) The scarf comes with the bag, it's up to you if you wanna use it or not but I like it with the scarf  sooo, yeah. 


I thought it would match a denim shirt soooo....